Wedding indicators galore

Although off of my usual train of thought, this is something to ponder. You may or may not share these ideas but I challenge you to process the ideas.

Christianity and masculinity

Usually if you look at pictures of the groom and bride, you can tell who wears the pants in the relationship/marriage. Who is leaning into who is a decent indicator, but also how happy the groom and bride are respectively can also be one.

Obviously, if the wedding turns into a BrideZilla fest, this is a pretty obvious indicator that it’s not about marriage but about attention to the bride.

One I’ve been thinking about recently is the naming convention. The bride taking the last name of the groom is not always the case that the groom wears the pants. However, hyphenating or keeping her own name is a pretty good sign that the Bride is a independent woman who don’t need no man type of wife though (unless it’s a culture where it’s normal for the bride to keep her own last name).

Something I’ve been paying more attention…

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