SJW & NPC’s Are Dying In Our Society

Not containing the drive to write two articles at the same time; I found this tidbit of irony from a blog that I subscribe to (Patriactionary). Specifically another blogger, Ray Sawhill, made note also.

After digging around, I found a source article for some shenanigans (

It gave credence to two ideas that I have often heard “bandied” about:

(1) You are the reason why we can’t have anything nice:

Someone had to ruin a seemingly innocent and productive activity like knitting. You also had to take someone’s dreams and turn them into a virtue/victim signaling circle jerk. It’s a stretch to imagine that someone could stoop this low. But I always joke that I knew there are people out there that rip mounted coat hooks out of walls. These SJW’s are society’s coat hook idiots.

(2) The kind of people that are winning in life don’t do this kind of stuff:

The vast majority of people that have a half a brain cell don’t engage in the victim Olympics. Men of any integrity, specifically non- “buzzfeed bois”, are too busy doing real things in their life. These anonymous commenters, thin skinned and triggered, don’t do anything to survive/thrive in the long run.

Your takeaways: Don’t be a ch*ckenshit. Don’t create something out of thin air that doesn’t exist. If it ain’t your type of party; go dance somewhere else.

Real men and the kind of women that society needs are not the idiot naysayers.

Be productive. Don’t be a victim.




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