Do Not Rest on Technological Advances

This piece of wisdom bit me in the rear end. I, among many others, scoff at various major technological advances. I try my best to not scoff at things I do not understand but I must tell men that technology has improved our lives.

We have been more effective at harvesting food, transferring money, and various other things that used to take “days” to do. We communicate faster. We have made it a mission to be better with less but this is where it gets “hairy”.

We rested with good enough. We might depend on Elon Musk to be the re-incarnation of Nikola Tesla but the crime is that we don’t have 300 men like Elon Musk. We aren’t creating more of anything. We need to get back in the spirit of creating, thinking, and daring. It will propel us into greatness.

We do not need to scoff the “new” like a curmudgeon. Men need to understand new technology. It is a great idea to know something before we slam it. When you understand something you can develop a substitute and invest in its future.

The last element that you should consider is that you shouldn’t rest on the technology. We were great at existing without technology but many of us forgot how to do the basics with it. I must implore you to not neglect yourself. Do simple things like rake leaves, chop wood, and hike. Feel free to lift and exercise. Train in jiu-jitsu and combat sports.

Keep yourself centered. Do things to stay with feet on both sides of history.

Let us not rest on technology but to ignore it is unreasonable.

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