Failing at Small Challenges

On my commute today, I was more than surprised to see someone hydroplane off the road. It has  been raining for days. Creeks are swollen. Roads in low spots are swamped, especially in the poorly engineered parts of the roadway. 5-10 inches of rain fell.

This reminds me to berate you. People are failing at small challenges.

You knew the road was wet. You knew when you needed to be at work. You know what it takes to arrive in one piece.

My advice: Step up your life’s game. Prep for the worst and enjoy the best. This works all sorts of ways.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) A few decent drivers

I had to lead with a teaser of sorts. I was caught in a slow crawl during my commute. If it wasn’t for me listening to my podcast; I would have been mad. The silver lining is that the slow down was caused by every third car letting someone over to avoid the self-imposed hydroplaning victim.

(2) Volunteers

It doesn’t matter if it was the people that help pull someone out of a wreck or our local firefighting department. The two guys that help push a stalled car out of traffic are great examples of volunteers. Its people that help in every day situations so people can get on with their lives.

(3) Perseverance

The knowledge that patience and long term fortitude gives you an opportunity to reach greatness. Or even the ability to attain a higher level of operating intelligence. Keep going forward. If you do (x), you only have a few options. But if you repeat steps, adapt, and learn.. you may find success or “knowing”.

As always; push forward. Take more paths unwalked.

Do. Be. Love yourself as well as love others. Blessings.

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