In the Face of Adversity

I was loathe to start typing this morning. The outside world is still water-logged although it is bathed in sunlight for the first time in a week. I have multitudes of reasons to not do things. The weird part is that the nay-sayers lit a fire under my carcass.

I read many articles bemoaning low interest rates or some other economic data for reasons why “we” aren’t being successful. If it isn’t economics; it is some other “boogey men”. We are supposed to have societal issues or some other perceived learned slights. But all of these conditions combined created a question in my mind:

What about those that choose to work hard and succeed in the face of adversity?

You can choose to work hard. You can choose to do well. If you work your ass off and succeed (or even attain knowledge where other members of your tribe can tackle the pinnacle themselves). Screw being sorry and crying all the d*mn time.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Stories from Conflict:

I am like many men that enjoy hearing “war stories”. I grew up hearing from WWII veterans about when our world saw some of its greatest challenges. I went from being entertained to being taught lessons in life. I learned to use the lessons from the past to do better in my life.

(2) Optimism for the Future:

I am not the one to bad mouth “Millenials” as of lately. I think that they have redeeming members of their generation. (I would like for us to remember those in the military and a handful of firefighters). I have faith in the future. I believe real, non-“buzzfeed boi” men will return to prominence.

(3) Unattended Morons:

I break from my regularly scheduled positivity to inform you that I find “unattended morons” humorous. These are among the idiots that walk while texting and quite often wander into traffic playing Pokemon-Go. The kind of people that do these things are the ones that don’t ever see the real world. I choose to earn my piece in reality. My tribe are the kind of people that will flourish instead of sitting on the curb wandering what happened.

Time to get “fyad” up. Get on with your lives.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved yourself. Blessings.


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