Matt’s Easy Guide to Boycotting

Evening to good people and chickensuckers alike! I was inspired to put together a not quite humorous guide to boycotting, specifically a tirade in how we still haven’t got it right.

I understand the concept of boycotting. We don’t like (x) or (x) person, so we don’t do (y). It worked at one time but I would like to tell you where it goes wrong.

If you use social media or a prevailing technology to do it, you are advertising for what ever you are trying to boycott. It doesn’t matter if it is a stupid awards show or leftist cuck tech company. The ultimate substitute is to give people something more constructive or enjoyable to do instead.

If you hate a certain razor/skincare conglomerate so much; stop telling people on social media to stop using Conglomo Razorco’s products. Tell them to start using other products that are more in line with your beliefs.

Advertise for folks that aren’t trying to kill you. I said this about coffee, razors, products, and services.

It takes a little effort in life. Stop being a lazy ass and support people that support you. Pay an extra dollar for a family owned business. Do what it “effin” takes.

This is a short rant so you don’t have a short life. Man up, Ball up.

Lift, Love, F*ck, Pray, Repeat.  Its simple. Don’t be a moron.

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