Be careful what you wish for.

This is a warning that tells you that your actions have consequences. Learn from it and learn from Adam.

Adam Piggott

The rise in hate crimes.

So many MSM fake news pieces start off with a segue much like that. If we believed the purveyors of fake news it would seem that the Western world has been inundated with Nazis, racists, homophobes, and misogynists running around torturing people to death with words and stuff. Of course, the opposite is true.

The rise in hate hoaxes.

All of these forces on the Left, now including Big Tech as well as the legacy media, have refused to accept the verdict of 2016 — a populist revolt against the political, economic and cultural elite — and this has fed into the intensifying climate of fear. Read this list of “hate” hoaxes since Trump’s election and you get an idea of how this constant fear-mongering impacts the feeble-minded.

That’s a pretty impressive list, all the more so because it is undoubtedly incomplete. And the…

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