Floods: Pantera or Alice in Chains?

The area in most of north Alabama has seen torrential rains of the past week. Over time it has caused the tributary creeks and ponds to flood. Flooding, as expected, roadways and homes. It had caused a few deaths. It had caused many of us to change how we lived.

The rainy period caused many of us to feel dark. I had a streak of this myself. During the darkest times of my life, I remember hearing the band Pantera’s Floods and Would? by Alice in Chains. Those songs would be the things that would bring me through the tough times.

It was weird that during tough times,  drugs were never my thing. I remember specifically that both bands had members that struggled with drug addictions. I think that they shouldered a large burden of sadness in their lives. I learned to deal with my own problems. It took me a while to learn that plowing through with goals in mind is the best way to deal with them.

I sit here today telling you that you must deal with the floods in your life. I would suggest that you deal with them with your goals in mind. Rebuild your proverbial house into a mansion. Your temple of greatness is built one brick at a time. Run for greatness instead of embracing darkness. Choose to be a work of beauty.

Success and knowledge is what you should shoot for. Be the one standing in the end.

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