On Shore, Waving Off the Ship

In the past I used to scoff at those that didn’t join the ship when we left for a sail or a deployment. They looked like they were laughing at us. But the inverse was true; the people left behind were often wracked by having “hum-drum” activities and medical appointments.

Not including jokes about “jodies” messing around with wives and girlfriends; those that were left behind miss the comical happenings between men and the sharpening of their skills. Quite often the left behind legions don’t have the cohesion that the shipboard troops do.

Beer is ever so sweet when the blue horizon materializes into either a homeport or an exotic respite. The people that go to the bar everyday don’t see this.

The adventurous man values seeing a Colombian beauty when all that he had seen for months was darkness. The man on the shore might see beautiful women most of the time but he grows numb to it.

I wanted to write to you that you may not always be the one out on an adventure or mission but you must remember that those that sit on the shore secretly pine for life’s greater prizes.

Be not depressed when you are forced to be shore side but enjoy the adventures when you catch up at the next port.


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