Frame for the Benefit for Everyone

I don’t want anyone to mistake me for someone that claims to have all the answers. Far from it; I often create the conditions that will either make you scratch your head in confusion or piss you off royally. But I wanted to “wax” on one subject that most of you can handle, minus anyone that uses the term “wut” as a complete sentence.

Holding your “sh*t” or frame is a benefit for everyone. It isn’t worth expending your lifeblood or energy on most people in this world. Acting a d*mn fool is never a benefit due to your lack of gain. You win when you don’t let folks get to you. Its better to be a one man party then the one person stuck washing the dishes.

(I also used the idea that if you were wanting to beat up one person when you got bad to save your feelings, you were actually better off beating up everyone in the building to do so. No one respects you when you flip out. If you act within frame or a psychopath level are the only two ways).

I’ll change up things a bit and tack on my three thankful things:

(1) Adam Layne Smith:

His wisdom is a different way to approach problems. This is something to look at when you were screwing up things doing the same old thing over and over. Learn something from him.

(2) Elements of control:

Hold your stuff together. Time and place restrictions added to density of intensity. Your “feeling” is needed in a different avenue.

(3) Not accepting:

I don’t accept a lot of things. I do my best to change what I can but I don’t get worked up about small things. Change starts with me, though. I have been known to say “no”.

We are starting off on a good foot. Enjoy your week and do your best.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want others to love you. Blessings.

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