Passive Search for Advice

This is a quick lesson for us human beings on how far we have started moving away from a necessary empathetic base of existence.

We are quick to jab with our words and put up fronts, especially to someone that is seeking our counsel or advice. But we are puzzled when people would rather screw up trying instead of asking us for directions.

We go on, wondering why we fail as coaches and instructors. (or at least we wonder why our businesses fail). I am starting to think it isn’t our students. I honestly think that our society’s drift away from civility and our adopting of terrible communication skills are a major cause. (I have previously mentioned that we are resting on technology while our pre-technology skills are left to rot).

One can wonder why I was hesitant to embrace someone directly for help, (whether if it was in person or through a cold technological way). I have had some run ins with people that were supposedly understanding of someone out of work (HR/tech industry professionals) who made me feel like a Martian or a local marketing specialist who was known for their public image that all but “clammed” up when I met them for a meeting.

Our adoption of behaviors that are borderline Asperger’s or anti-social in nature are driving people to lower emotional cost alternatives, (Google it or search a business article database). It is easier to engage in a passive search for advice. It furthers our march away from empathy and civility. It also continues to hurt our pocket books as people move money out of our nearby communities.

I will leave you with a warning that it affects us all, whether it is through our pocketbooks or our lives. Treat every potential connection or person with humility. When this person returns to their place on top; they maybe looking down on you.

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  1. Patricia Butler Schroer says:

    Very well said.


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