Communicate at All Costs

This won’t be a horrendously long tirade but it should be a good one that should resonate with the most of our readers.

“Communicate at all costs”: If you don’t, don’t get mad when people walk all over you. Sure as hell don’t expect people to read your mind. If something is wrong, say it. I had to borrow an adage: Don’t wait till a ship sinks to mention a leak. Tell the appropriate party and fix it. Now, you can take your life in substitute of the ship and instead of shipmates you can use the people in your life. Bring up problems before you blow up or get violent. Start now or let things get bad. You have two choices.

Three things I am thankful for:

(1) A beautiful outlook on time:

I am thankful that I no longer view tomorrow as “us” being a day older but the idea that I had a chance to improve or learn. I can choose to be happy about time instead of lamenting the “wasted years”.

(2) Improvement messages:

It sounds cheesy but I am thankful for people who want me to be better and great. I would rather have someone egging me forward instead of talking smack.

(3) Parliamentarians in Life:

A parliamentarian is an important job. Merriam Webster dictionary describes a parliamentarian as “an expert in the rules and usages of a deliberative assembly”. I would like to think that we have experts around us that understand the intricacies of life. I am thankful for those that serve as a counselor of sorts.

Peel off your dead skin of failure and take care of your new successful, pink skin.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.


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