When Words Have No Meaning

I was blessed to find a video that touched on the fact that many people have ruined certain words. (and yes; it was feminists and misogyny).


I find it humorous that the American Heritage 4th edition Dictionary defined misogyny as “the hatred of women”. It is a strong word to describe anyone. It is more than oft used as a slur against men. Not only can feminists re-write definitions to suit their case but they are quick to capitalize on dark emotional warfare to try to change anyone’s credibility that holds a dissenting opinion. (Case in point, they are the only people throwing around masculinity. Real men live real lives without crying and making hashtags).

Their own credibility continues to circle the drain as they engage in the “moving field goal” intellectual existence when logic and reason are thrown out with civility.

Many of them are self-hating and for male feminists; they are the true woman haters. (Apologies to the band Extreme). The true toxic “anything” are these people.

Men; be aware of these people. Society can be rebuilt by mature and capable people. It is up to us to stem the tide and turn things around. You know what to do. Pick yourself up and run with it. Improve yourselves.


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