Don’t Be Stupid; Man.

As much as I am loathed to quote the from meme “Pepe”; I have to today. I have a word of advice: Don’t be stupid, man.

I generally don’t revisit our local news outlets for red pill knowledge. (Our local news outlets don’t usually have anything short of liberal slanted or culturally negative reporting). But on occasion I find a jewel of wisdom!

I found a great article to use to teach men that they should first consider a stoic process for their interactions in public and secondly the eternal question: “Would this make me look stupid?”.

This piece was at from the Associated Press. The headline was “Fight over crab legs leads to 2 arrests at Huntsville buffet”.

stupid men

The “jack-hole” that got in a fight over crab legs ended up getting arrested for disorderly conduct.

Make this a lesson: you aren’t much of a man if you can’t handle your stuff in a proper manner. Pick your battles a little more wisely. Crab legs don’t trump your well being. Crab legs don’t trump something of real importance. Don’t get hot about stupid sh*t.



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