Lazy Carcass Anti-Boycott List p2

I decided to do another one of these for you guys. I think its funny that lazy-a$$ people will watch their side lose and they will also participate in their own demographic suicide.

I wanted to help you make better decisions. You might want to re-think many of Alphabet’s products that you use everyday.

(Android mobile operating system, YouTube, LLC, and Google Search)


There are a myriad of other operating systems to choose from. Research them wisely. Although I believe that the vast majority of tech companies lean liberal; I suggest the best work around is using privacy apps and being mindful/vocal of company shenanigans.


I have grown to loathe thee. They do all sorts of chicanery to shut  up conservative voices, dissenting opinions, and things that cause soy creatures knicker’s in a twist. They are slow to justify their actions when they can’t own up to their own rules. People used to make ducats in ad revenue but someone yanked out the rug.

————-Alternatives: Vimeo, BitChute, PeerTube

These were a few that I knew of. No one is dominant but you should do some legwork to find what you need. Learn something, don’t be lazy.


This is going to hurt you. Even though it became a verb and your go to search engine, these people are spying on you. Try DuckDuckGo or Startpage. It might take a few minutes to learn but don’t be lazy. As per Gmail; use Hushmail or Thunderbird. If you have the money: StartMail or one of the Swiss providers. Its leg work.

This was a short piece but I wanted to light the fire under your rear end. You can continue to march off a cliff or you can find a different path away from it. Don’t be a lazy a**.


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