Semblance of Carrying On

Quite often we run into days that seem to have at least one “messed up” thing happen. This day was a collection of them. Missing important things, getting stranded, excessive rain, etc.

I am not going to crow on about it. I’m not going to be down. I must give you a word of advice:

Get on with your lives, no matter how much kicking you receive.

I am struggling to find my three thankful things:

(1) My back isn’t killing me:

If your back hurts; be thankful your hand doesn’t. Don’t worry, it will give you trouble some other time. Pain is a reminder that you are living.

(2) Having that “one” co-worker:

I was blessed to have one co-worker come to the rescue. Although I mention to everyone that you should never paint yourself into a corner, be thankful for that person who throws you a rope.

(3) “Dark Horse compatriots”:

I had two dark horse people that are not on the margins of what people would call mainstream. One is someone that has knowledge of the depths of a woman’s capability. The other is someone that has a deep understanding of modern men or at least their adaptations. Their viewpoints are valued. They help me learn about life and our goals.

This is not an anomaly. Life throws curveballs. Pick yourself up.

Do. Be. Love yourself as you would want others to love you. Blessings.


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