The Social Justice Glossary ;)

A Lady of Reason

The radical liberals have come up with quite the glossary of SJW jargon, and for those who haven’t been immersed in the environment of their newspeak, some terms may be unclear or confusing! Therefore, I compiled this handy glossary to further decode their ever changing, inconsistent and hypocritical agenda! Of course, if you have more items I missed, please comment them below for all to see! 😉


Ad-Hominem (ad-ˈhä-mə-ˌnem) noun 1. A strategy to shut up the opposition by attacking their character, 2. What conservatives deserve anyways, 3. When you have no other arguments backed up with facts or evidence…

Affirmative Action (ə-ˈfər-mə-tiv ˈak-shən) noun 1. A way to virtue signal how enlightened we are by imposing artificial diversity for race, gender, etc… over merit based acceptance into jobs and schools and higher positions in either.


Bigot (ˈbiɡət) noun 1. A person who disagrees with the Left, 2…

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