Where We Disappointed Hunter Drew

I found it hilarious that Hunter Drew was mentioned in the Daily Mail when the click bait feminist world jumped on AJA Cortes. It started with a list.


Hunter Drew made a list. To me that is not that bad. People make lists for money. Etc. But all he did was make a list and it went “viral”. It made me think of another solid point:

We all should have been making something like one of these “lists”. Our own moment to shine. A beginning point in our master opus. To light off bringing more men to not only the Fraternity of Excellence but to masculinity. To a future opposite of toxic feminists.

We owe Hunter Drew an apology that we didn’t light off the world.

Here is my list:

Top 10 Things that Women Do That I Find “Detestable”:                                                                 (in no specific order/reason)

(10) Interrupting A Licensed or Private Event with screeching/protesting                                 (9)  Painting with period blood

(8) Killing your children or husband when you are served with divorce papers

(7) Cutting a baby out of another woman’s stomach

(6) Lower sentencing standards

(5) “Gotcha agency beliefs”/little to no accountability

(4) When you name being “strong” as a selling point

(3) Can’t meet men but you can’t put your phone down long enough

(2) Won’t listen to DeAnna Lorraine.

(1) Think that stay at home moms didn’t make a choice/wrong choice

You are welcome. Make your own now!!!

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