A Night At the Fights

Not to be deceptive but I am making an attempt at finding a place that has MMA or boxing on tonight (Saturday March 2).

We have our usual places but its been slim pickings. We have found a new place but it is guranteed to have us out in the cold for a bit.

I wanted to take a minute to encourage you to consider finding a local promoter or venue that holds mma or boxing matches. It is a good “man” type event.

I went to a regional mma event that was held at a National Guard armory a few years ago. It was dope to see people having a blast. It was equally as great to see some fighters getting experience.

If you can’t find an event, ask around. The worst comes to worst you might want to start sponsoring events like this.

If you hit a dry spell, find events on Pay Per View at a local watering hole. Its better than nothing and you can go enjoy yourself instead of moping around.

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