Authentic voices over Astrocucks


Many podcasters that I have seen , (at least in the Reddit forums and a few websites), are somewhat distraught about hearing various podcasting venues “boosting” up several podcasts that are started by Hollyweird types/already established entertainers. (Note everyone kissing up to Conan O’Brien and “Ron Burgandy”, ETC.).

Although I believe in the march of the free market; I push the little man to do more than the big players. It is more than money. We can make content. We can make better. We can make more. We can outshine the astrocucks.

I must implore you, the consumer to pick media that furthers our goals. Or at least media that doesn’t hurt our side. (Think twice about handing money over for advertisers products on Fatherly or some other crazy leftist outfit. This is just the tip of the iceberg).

This isn’t a call for a boycott or a boycott. This is a call for you to know who is behind your shows. You need to dig for info. You need to email someone for input on their show. Volunteer to help a man instead of consuming “astrocuck” material.

You can “man up” by helping a man out. No need to hand money over for genocide. Do your legwork.

Check out RP style podcasts. Check out Joe Rogan. Dig and find your niche. Check out the people that bust their ass own Podcast One and other outfits like that.

You can help the little man grow. Jason Stapleton was “helped” by people like you. Don’t get saddened. Get inspired to make more and help your fellow a** kicking man out. Know what you are listening to.

Do your part. Let astrocucks die. Support real men’s media today.



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