Day 1 for the rest of your life

I often use the date (for whatever day I am recording, writing, etc.) and I like to add the term “first day of the rest of your life”. I am under the impression that I stole this from someone or some other source but it still applies.

I was hesitant to undertake the 31 Days to Masculinity (DTM) challenge this year due to injuries and a continual shift in my professional playing field. I am undertaking the challenges with the added plus of not knowing if I can logistically stick with it due to medical issues.

(I encourage you to challenge yourself also but to take it as a jumping off point. 31 DTM is your start for the rest of your life).

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Alternatives:

If you hate YouTube, try Bitchute. Don’t like Twitter, try GAB. Can’t do pushups? Try bodyweight squats. Think about it.

(2) Passing your “enemies”:

I never suggest making enemies on purpose. But when you meet an enemy; I suggest you keep working to better yourself. It is one thing to be inspired to do better but it is another when you stop moving forward so you can “kick” an enemy. Pass your enemies so you can keep moving forward. Refocus your energies.

(3) When an “idiot” overtakes a “genius”:

Joe Rogan Experience, (aka Joe Rogan), has proven that the rich and the supposed genius in the tech industries can “look a damn fool” when faced by questions from nobodies. It proves that “peak Buzzfeed” is rolling back and many of these a**holes are going to bleed money. “Sic Semper Soy”!!!

Enjoy being a man. There is no alternative. Kick ass when needed.

Do. Be. Love one another when they can’t love you. Blessings.

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