Men Can Find Time… If you look.

Anthony Wilson, in his post: Goodbye Facebook, it’s (not really) been real, mentions that he wants to leave Facebook. (He waffles on the time frame but his idea is there). I wanted to expand on it.

I am not picking on him but haranguing everyone to ditch Facebook as a horrendous waste of time. (That and the fact that you are supporting genocidal leftist robots like Zuckerberg or culturally backward people like Sheryl Sandberg).

You spend a lot more time on Facebook pointlessly scrolling than the activities that you justify keeping it. You are wasting your time bickering about politics instead of using your time learning real concepts. You easily can email or write to your family members, sure as hell sending them attached photos. You can call your friends and leave a damn voice mail for sending birthday wishes. You physically can poke someone in person. Craigslist isn’t entertaining but you can read want ads there. I can go on and on.

The next time you tell me “I don’t have time for that” and I see you scrolling on your phone, I am going to tell you that you are full of shit. You do have time and you aren’t prioritizing. Or at least you are prioritizing dopamine hit chasing monkey activities. Mr. Wilson continues to mention “I am going to use the time without you to learn a musical instrument and read the large pile of poetry that I have bought -and ignored- over the last few years”. I push you to think this way too.

I even want you to create a personal statement of your own. Try: I’m quitting Facebook because I can meet women out in public to have sex with. I’m quitting Facebook so I can go get swole in the gym. I’m quitting Facebook because I feel better sitting at the park feeding “America Geese”. You figure out your statement.

Then you quit Facebook. Find someone on Facebook to quit with you and let them be your accountability partner. (Communicate with them over the phone and hold their feet to the fire). Enjoy your time.

Without crowing on, you can find time by quitting Facebook. Its time for you to get on with your life.

Anthony Wilson’s website is/was



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