A Case for Female Psychopaths

I had started to type this yesterday and I had unfortunately tripped up completely. I had a myriad of interesting quotes and videos I was grabbing info from. Cue “paralysis by analysis”.

I wanted to warn you of something that bit me yesterday. I was thinking of psychopaths and their behaviors. YouTube kept poking up videos about Elizabeth Holmes.

Yes, the media’s former darling. The one that many power elites were “you-go-girling” all the way. I always knew that something bothered me greatly about her.

I am not completely sure if she qualifies to be a female psychopath but there are plenty of things that should bug you about Elizabeth.

(1) She tried to impress people and “flex nuts” by using a husky, baritone voice:

Examine at the 2:20 mark a great explanation.

Can you not just have substance to your pursuits without a drive for some “penis envy” scenario? I looked past your ripping off Steve Jobs for crappy marketing. Trying to be a man is a whole “nuther” can of worms.

(2) She wasn’t a teenage genius; She was a well-connected, spoiled kid.

Her boyfriend was an already connected to Sunny Balwani, who was a tech entrepreneur. She comes from the Fleischmann’s Yeast fortune. (Charles Fleischmann was her 3x Granddaughter). Her people had money. She had a bullshit idea that didn’t pan out. A few power elites drank the Kool-Aid too. She made a good story.

(3) She doubled down on a lie:

She easily could have came clean about her short comings but she kept up about her delusions. Her company could have survived if she just let the technology develop. The lies created other lies. The honest people in her company were hurt by her lies (and also by her toadies).

I am not exactly a wordsmith but I want you to read more into psychopaths and people in that realm. Please be aware of the behaviors that they show. (Especially in women; we often overlook the warning signs due to our societal programming. Being aware can save you time, heartache, and money).

Be well. Light off your thinking. Read/Learn/Know.


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