“Ever thus to Sh*theels”

A quick time out from my usual bantering and calls out for you to liberate yourselves from the government running (poorly) your lives.

I am blessed in my life. No matter what the injuries I have received throughout my time or the people that left my life have said. I celebrate what I had and not mourned what I hadn’t.

We are getting somewhere. You are capable of seeing the destination if you keep your eyes open. Don’t get blinded by bs.

Ever thus to the sh*theels, we keep going and loving it.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Indiscriminate beauty:

Whether it be the rain clouds rolling down the mountain, fractal geometric patterns in ice, or your co-worker with a new haircut/makeup combo; embrace the beauty that you find. It will be more valuable than the pain you face.

(2) When problems explain themselves:

I had been worried about various things. I had not fretted anymore about them but I took a step back and examined. Quite often the explanations came along without any rash actions. I am thankful for the calm and collectedness I have learned.

(3). Return to the Non-PC world:

I was honored that the Order of Man podcast had a show titled Politically Incorrect (guest was Chad Prather). The whole show was purposeful. I had been screaming for people to not be scared of “PC” for a while. It was especially true when I came back from overseas to my home country being full of either “shut uppped” people or triggered snowflakes. We can never advance as men if we don’t move beyond this idiocy. It starts with us.

In closing today; I must mention a special thanks to Ryan Michler for being a non-PC voice in this world and attempting to bring men back to their roles in this country.

Special links: https://www.orderofman.com/author/orderofman/



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