Punching All Around: Borrowed Concept

I was reading a few pages from Jack Donovan’s work: A More Complete Beast. I saw some terrific passages that really stuck out at me. (I am not going to directly quote his work but I will say that p. 52-53 within the “The Trap” chapter).

It really hit me when I read these on these two pages that “a weak man who agrees that it is good to be strong… is different from the weak man that decides that strength is useless…because he doesn’t have it”.

I see assholes like this in both the conservative and liberal worlds. It doesn’t matter if it is not knowing something and refusing to read a little to know more. It also doesn’t matter if it is seeing a guy enjoy the company of a beautiful woman/knowing game and using some SJW-esque language to justify why someone else is wrong for doing so.

I encourage men to be of the “Noble” element that was mentioned in this piece. It is not an easy journey but it is a worthy one.


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