Rape in the Military

Although I understand the sensitivity and the emotional toll of sexual assault; I must share this with you to relay my frustration that victims of crimes need to report them. I feel like it is a social responsibility of people in a modern society. (I was also slandered by a pre-social media rape accuser).


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Thanks to Jack Dorsey’s unwavering support for this blog, I’m back on twitter. One of the first stories I ran across on that open sewer was the sad tale of rape victim Martha McSally, the CONservative republican senator from Arizona. McSally ran as a Trump supporting politician, and makes a number of hot-button issues a feature in her political life.

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Those hot button issues include feminism.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.40.48

And McSally has also made a rape accusation against a superior officer.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.42.17

It is notable that Senator McSally has refused to identify the man that she claims has raped her. Why would a sitting U.S. senator protect a dangerous criminal with a history of raping defenseless subordinates? We have to wonder.

Of course, thanks to feminists like McSally, we don’t really know what ‘rape’ means, since the lexical range of that word has been widened to include things like smiling and nodding at some…

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