Failing at Living: Christchurch Lessons

Bullsh*t aside. You need to learn how to win at the short game and long game if you are at a battle of generational expanse. I want to tell you that this mass shooting crap doesn’t do anything.

The media is automatically against you. You aren’t famous. You are an a$$hole. The elements of our culture that suck will use your name against the “not guilty”.

A supremacist who goes off the rails fails at everything. Attention isn’t everything. Your “side” won’t win and you are giving the “people” in your movement a setback.

Start with living a healthy life. Make a good example on those around you. Clean house before you clean your neighbors house.

Upset about (x) group? Stop giving money, time, and your data to the elements of your world that are killing the lifeblood of your community.

Get out of the basement and off the couch. Get away from porn and the dopamine machine.

Have a culture and a community again. Have standards. Have a livelihood. Have a life and a brain.

In your tribe and community of people with like minded standards; have more children than people with a pre-historic mindset or those that live in a modernesque nihilist existence. Own more businesses. Develop a code where you support those that support you. Support those that work and understand that they must feed themselves.

Ask more out of your fellow man. Tell him to get his ass off the street. Tell him that real men understand what a belt is. Don’t let a thirty year old man ask you for money, his ass should be building things or driving a truck.

It doesn’t take religion. Our tribe’s religion failed men. It makes excuses. Our tribe needs a code.

Your “manifesto” to win is to do better and foster “better” in your tribe of likeminded men. You don’t need to run around and kill people. Just quit killing babies and start earning a living. Do more and create more. Reallocate energy.

Iconoclast? To be an ass these days is easy. Quit drinking the modern media kool aid and be different. Don’t be a pushover and a “pooswah”.

Your welcome. Get on with your life. Quit crying. Rant over.

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