Sweet Burn: Gym Time

Hey lummoxes: Hit the gym already. The New Years resolution folks gave up already. The gym isnt that busy.

Temperature is getting better. If you can’t lift due to your gimpy finger, getting a sweat going out running isn’t bad. Just throw your fat feet one in front of the other. Repeat multiple times for maximum effect.

Do something. Drop the controller and do something. Endorphins through a natural process. Don’t be an ass, be an animal. Be the number one gorilla and throw down.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Solace in sweeping:

Few folks around. I got my work done relatively quickly. I swept the highbay floor and enjoyed the solitude.

(2) People I worked with “didn’t start no static”:

Everyone seemed to be in a decent mood. No mouth. Decent weekend had by all. Helpful people getting through the Monday.

(3) Offkey humor pt. 35:

Lori Loughlin gets in trouble for bribery scandal. I crack “jailhouse milf” jokes. I miss the 90’s. (Dont search for that, you idiot).

Go get laid. Hang out with folks in real life. Go to the park. Be a human.


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