“Learning About Stories”

I was stewing on a video I had watched about a guy name Schaeffer Cox. The video purported that he, among many other prisoners, have been held in a communication management unit of the “prison system”.

The few tidbits I have ever been able to dig up was that Cox was an attempted murderer, militia member hell-bent on overthrow, and a known mentally ill criminal.

But I use the opportunity to tell you that many people around him have mentioned that he had knowledge of pedophilia rings/drug activities linked to influential people. It was reported that much of the evidence that is being used against him doesn’t exist.

I wanted to use this short tidbit to remind you that you are often a few steps away from losing freedom. Pick and choose your battles wisely. Join a crusade when you are willing to die for what you believe in.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) “Susie”:

She was a mother of a friend of mine. She lost her life a few days ago. She let me crash on the couch when I was going through the drunk phase. I was thankful to know her.

(2) Shlubs:

The people that choose not to compete. I do like competition but it is easier with less people in the field. Non competitors help because the bar is low.

(3) Moving On:

I saw a former coworker the other day. New company is driving people nuts and pushing closer towards a safety incident. Pushing people to not try anymore and stop being involved. I am starting to think that it was a good thing that I moved on.

The weather is fair. Get some exercise. Meet new people.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.

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