Painful Beliefs: Pornography

I had once been someone that accepted pornography as a normal thing. I made excuses why that it was a “Ok”. It became cheaper and easier when the digital age came around.

The only arguments that I had ever heard were from the “Churchian” people. This was a collective belief that was held over from feminists. (Real women don’t look like that. That makes women look bad, that’s sexist, etc).

I am telling you men to steer clear of porn. Not due to a religious conviction. Not due to what feminists told you.

I have a beef with the neurological effects. Your nerves are getting burned out. It leaves you sluggish. It can leave you numb and among the walking brain dead.

It forces you to stay plugged in. One of the worst things is that the free porn you watch isn’t free. The data that you generate is bundled and sold by various companies. (I believe that Mindgeek and their affiliated companies are the biggest examples I could find. They are “tied in” to nearly the top 120 or so porn websites).

You are the pig at the trough. They feed you and you give them data (or you pay their advertisers through commerce).

Although I am not one for conspiracies or excessive hyperbole; I wanted to thank Owen Benjamin for a heads up for a weird idea. Porn is a way that power elites to keep you from fighting on. Just like in ancient Rome and their spectacles, etc.

Please review (roughly) the 15-19 minute mark of Owen Benjamin’s The Hidden Purpose of Pornography.



This isn’t simple entertainment. Porn is to stop you from being men and to turn you into a commodity. Quit today and be a man again. Fight battles, have great real sex with women, get your brain back , and start owning “you” again.


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