The issue with Servicepeople and the Punisher

The Green Rover

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Season two of Netflix's 
Daredevil and both seasons of the Punisher. Read on at you own discretion.

Earlier this month, the UK’s SAS forces banned members from wearing the Punisher logo on their uniforms. These soldiers get the logo to mark their first kill. The reason given is that officials thought that the symbol looked too similar to the Death’s Head (Totenkopf) emblem worn by Hitler’s SS. Which, of course, is problematic.

There’s been a lot of push-back about this, with Army officials calling it “PC madness” and whatnot. I for one don’t see how a badge is going  to make a guy who’s paid to kill people for a living any more threatening or problematic. At the end of the day it’s just a symbol, worn by a fictional character.

But what I do take issue with is the glorification of the…

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  1. Good article, I also like to remind people what the Spartans really got up to, every time I see the ubiquitous helmet logo (though I am a personal fan of Molon Labe).


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