Bonfire Beats Electronics

Yesterday afternoon, I had an imperative to burn scrap wood that has been collecting in my driveway. It is stuff I couldn’t chop for firewood and it has generally been too wet for any yard fires. I needed to get it done before a supposed rainstorm shows  up.

The weather was very pleasant. The “peeps” came out and worked/frolicked. We got a lot done. Everyone was happy and at peace. For once, we weren’t plugged into the electronic leash. The bonfire/slow wood burn beats electronics every time. (And yes, it rained a few hours later!)

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) The ephemeral chess pieces:

I have met people that I knew from my travels that had a drive for something different but seemed to fall up short. They disappear and reappear at the next thing. I wish them the best and enjoyed the time we had together.

(2) Monk time:

I learned to not let the silent time start killing me. It is a gift. I choose to see the solace when others are gone to purpose and I am left behind to convalesce.

(3) Little people:

I had spent time with some notable people and I had spent time with nobodies. The vast majority of time with everyday people was a lot easier. The notables seem to have worries and expectations creating their personas while the everyday people are more sincere. I forgive the sins of both for I may be among both of them in my life.

Time to love today. Don’t wish for the weekend but love this day. Keep rolling.

Be. Love. Leave undone things you would want others to leave undone. Blessings.

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