Inconvenient Questions for Feminists

I wanted to preface this food for thought piece, (that obviously leans towards making you see errors in someone else’s position), is made up of other people’s questions.

I believe that there are errors in a system where the vast majority of its adherents don’t self regulate or govern who can claim to be one of them.

Logic and reason>feelz and vitriol

Relampango Furioso:

Why do feminists revile having and raising children? Why is wage slavery and a precarious job with corporations that hire and fire preferable to being a mom?

Matt FreeMatt:

Is equality possible when you re-define equality? Is it responsible to move a rugby goalpost when a kicker is kicking a ball at it?

Steven Crowder:

(a) What if there is no patriarchy and you just suck? (b) Should men get equal representation in divorce?

Dr. Shaym:

Why is it that whenever you make a claim, you never provide any sources or back it up with empirical evidence? What is it like not having a sense of humor, a real sense of humor?

Matt Walsh:

Have you ever taken steps in your own life to make a sandwich for a man?



This is just a sample of the many questions (serious and humorous) (that I could think of) that should be asked.







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