Choose Your Fights: Correct Battles

I always tell people to take up a fight on occasion, (and yes, not every battle is a crusade worthy of taking).

I present this man. All he wanted was for the city council to hear him out. These city council members sat around and didn’t even pay attention.

Most people don’t care and have a victim/woe is me attitude. This guy has given inspiration to other people. If I could give you an idea of a worthy fight; writing these city council members would be a great idea. (Or writing their supervisors/mayor/etc).

I am writing to everyone on the council. I’m not nice but I am firm.

I encourage you to write them too.

Bruce A. Harrell, Sally Bagshaw, M. Lorena González, Lisa Herbold, Rob Johnson, Debora Juarez (the rude person in the video), Teresa Mosqueda, Mike O’Brien, and Kshama Sawant can be reached at:

PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025

It takes someone. It takes someone to give a sh*t. Be someone.



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