Better Late than Never:3/29/19

***I wanted to add this first: 3/29/2019 is a day that Unplanned (movie) is being released at various theaters. I saw this movie on 3-28 at a special showing. It was moving and I encourage you to take a stand for its message. Please go watch it and take a teenager with you!!!***

I had a few errands to run. Drop off things and pick up something from the shop. I enjoyed the short jaunt on the forklift. (I still feel like a little kid riding around on it). It didn’t matter if it was a diesel powered monstrosity or the propane propelled punk machine.

I encourage you to get out into this world and stick up for what you believe in. Fence sitting makes you a sell out. Chips on black or chips on red, place a bet. It is your life.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Deanna Lorraine:

I’m not sweet on her for weaksauce beta reasons but I think she is a great example of the kind of woman I want my friends to marry. She also supports some of the people that work towards fixing our legal system. I owe her a thank you for good advice and the tip about the Unplanned movie I attended on 3/28/2019.

(2) Abby Johnson:

Thank you for your work. I saw the Unplanned movie and you encourage me to pick a side. I also wanted to thank you for your brutal honesty. I took a young lady to the movie with me. It meant a lot to us and I hope to show it to other people.

(3) Those that “nut up”:

Borrowed from a movie/pop culture reference, the term “either nut up or shut up” applies to many things. I saw a video of a 85 year old man getting kicked my a guy that stole his sign outside of a clinic. The old man was protesting and trying to resist that guy the best that he could. It puts plenty of other people to shame that cower instead of stepping up for what they believe in.

Pick your crusades in life wisely. But engage in them with fervor. Your work helps build towards the goal.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.


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