Craig James-Weaponization of Man Shaming

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Modern men are being targeted by a culture whose current weapon of choice is guilt.

There’s a blitzkrieg-style campaign being conducted all around us. Its apparent aim is to make men impotent by decimating their masculinity with an unrelenting onslaught of shame.

And what have we done to deserve such an aggressive response? It’s quite insidious, actually, so make sure you’re sitting down for this.

You see, brothers, we are being man shamed into oblivion for nothing more than the heinous offense of existing within a feminized society that feels threatened by all things masculine.

The relentless predatory advancement of masculine guilt may appear to be relatively benign and unworthy of our attention. It’s not.

These shaming tactics do little more than bounce off the backs of the more masculine men within our ranks. Our minds are galvanized and impervious to nonsensical guilt trips.

Yet, there are millions of our less fortuitous brothers being overrun and consumed by them. Countless more are being added to the tally of casualties with every passing day.

This guilt-induced paralysis begins early in a boy’s life. His masculinity is poisoned before it ever has a chance to take root. The poison of shame for being male is injected into the spirit of boys from the time they enter the liberal indoctrination complex more commonly known as public education.

Some of us are choosing to take a stand and fight back, but we are relatively few in number. The resistance to this weaponization of man shaming is small but is quickly growing.

Make no mistake, men. We’re engaged in class warfare – and all men are the enemy. This includes all you white knighting meninists with mommy issues that think your hairy arm-pitted, blue haired overlords will protect you. They won’t. You’re only being used as expendable pawns on the cultural battlefield.

Evidence of weaponized man shaming is in no short supply. Most notably is how we’re not only guilted for our own transgressions but are also shamed and held accountable for the transgressions committed by every other man in existence.


All men are now called to justice by society when any man commits an act of evil, because any evil committed by the hands of men is deemed to be a symptom of the source of their evil: their masculinity.

And if masculinity is ultimately responsible for any and all egregious acts committed by men, then all men must be guilty by association. In other words, all men are forced to bear the sins of every other man.

It’s a scorched earth campaign of guilt that has all things masculine in its cross-hairs.

Fair or not, this is how men and their masculine nature have come to be viewed by what represents a significant cross-section of society.

In fact, an entire cultural vocabulary now exists with the express purpose of shaming men and denigrating masculinity with surgical precision.


  • Mansplaining – for when women need to guilt men for having an opinion that differs from their own
  • Toxic Masculinity – the catch-all phrase that houses all masculine guilt under one roof
  • Male Rape Culture – guilt for the fact that all men have rapist tendencies, obviously
  • #MeToo – the hashtag to remind everyone that men deserve to be guilted for their obvious rapist tendencies
  • Misogyny – a word that’s been bastardized by feminists to guilt any idea expressed by a man that might disagree with the feminist agenda
  • Manspreading – shame for refusing to sit in a position that takes up less space and induces testicular discomfort… How dare we be born with testicles?
  • Slut Shaming – a phrase used to guilt us men still stuck in the 1920s that find value in committing to a woman who hasn’t made her sexuality available to a revolving door of men
  • Victim Shaming – guilt for any man who dares not believe a woman when she accuses a man of any number of egregious acts against her
  • The Patriarchy – shame due to men for our alleged concerted, societal effort to keep male privilege in place by working to have men – and never women – in positions of power and influence

You see, there’s a man shaming phrase in our cultural lexicon that can be used to guilt men on every possible occasion.

It’s ironic that in a society of such alleged “patriarchal oppression” there isn’t a similar vocabulary for denigrating women and “keeping them in their place”. And by “their place” I mean either naked in the bedroom for our sexual pleasure, or in the kitchen, pregnant with our babies, and making us sandwiches.

I know, I know. You don’t even have to say it.

I ought to be ashamed of myself.

After all, I am a man.

– Craig James (@MasculineDesign)

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