Vulgar Display of Stupidity

I am charging into this week thanking my lucky stars that the vast majority of people in my life are not toxic. I see most people have a basic grasp of existence and that they have some minor reason to not sh*t the bed of their lives. I thank you folks that haven’t completely screwed things up.

But I have to highlight those that break the mold when it comes to the opposite; I call it the people that show a “vulgar display of stupidity” or VDoS.

I had seen one specific example in Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s comments about Republicans “amending the Constitution of the United States to prevent Pres. Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) from getting re-elected”. (John Gage wrote about this in a piece on the Washington Examiner website titled AOC Flubs history of FDR and change to Constitution).

AOC makes moronic claims that would have easily been avoidable by less than 30 minutes of research. I will overlook the fact that she was an international relations and economics major. I will also overlook the fact that she is an “acting” congressperson. Between AOC and her staff, someone could have fact checked this before she released this VDoS.

I have mentioned the fact that an adult thing to do is learn from your mistake and admit to it. Moving on and growing up is another step.

This is just a taste of what we should be doing but we choose to accept a VDoS as normal. Lets call them out when they pop up.

Cow farts, anyone?



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