Boxer Reblog Lessons For Us

Unfortunately; I couldn’t specifically “re-blog” Boxer’s posting from yesterday. (It was the posting titled: Alex Carlton on Single Mothers).

Alex Carlton on Single Mothers

I was somewhat fired up after reading this piece. Not because I am on the market or have some itch to scratch. I wanted to mention that there were a few takeaways.

(1) Many single mothers often think they can “shame” someone into their lives. Or at least make themselves seem superior by downplaying/labeling a man with taste by usage of hyperbole.

(2) Many of the single mothers make a man #3 in their lives. I knew this from the beginning, but I had to bring it up again. It is highlighted in Boxer’s piece, among Richard Cooper’s work too.

(3) Although I do not use the “expensive” label; men become a resource to single mothers. This is due to nature and our social environment. But dealing with a single mother usually means you will eventually deal with time issues or kid issues. It will be sprung on you eventually. She may not love you anywhere near she loved the kids dad but she may be mixed up because of your utility.

In my personal life, the vast majority of single mothers left their “best” with someone else. I got the feeling that I would be second place at best but I don’t feel like that was something I wanted.

(Please note: I never said this about actual widows. The vast majority of widows were women that put in effort and did what was right with their man. They didn’t leave their best with someone that didn’t value them).

I don’t believe in rewarding bad decisions. I encourage you to tell others the same and you should develop the awareness.


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