DC Is Not the Sh*thole I thought it was

I went missing for a few days this week. The shop was empty and the only thing to do was go pick up something from the shop, nevermind the equipment wouldn’t be in use for a month or so. Nobody but old guys or cripples.

Anyway; I was on a not so secret mission that I took on short notice to deliver something in Washington DC. No, nothing nefarious. There weren’t enough Russian nationals or redheaded real estate agents available so they sent yours “Mattly” and a fellow coworker from another workcenter.

Due to other people’s ability to plan ahead; we got a late start and enjoyed phantom traffic in a nearby nightmare city. We arrived in the lesser DC area and found our drop off site.

Next, we went hunting around for hotels. No dice. Tour buses clogging up every damn hotel. Driving on and striking out everywhere, we wander through parking lots trying to find streets. Of course; roads are designed for no one. Construction makes everyone nuts.

It was after midnoght before we found a place. A freaking hour away from our destination. Poorly maintained place with friendly people.

The trip was lackluster but the people we met were helpful. Folks at the dock. Folks at the hotel. Folks at gas stations and fellow hotel guests. People were we the upside.

People bitch about DC being a cesspool of stuffshirts but I found some decent folks. I guess DC wasn’t the shithole I thought it was supposed to be.

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