Call For the South African Diaspora

Although I encourage every man to fight for their land and fight for what they believe in; there have been a few times where it was advantageous to break bonds with the “old country” and start anew. The struggles in a new land give way to new opportunities.

My family was evidence of people seeking new opportunities. In the late 1800’s, my family came here from a country that no longer exists. (Yes, it collapsed eventually and the country that survived after  WWI and WWII is being ran into the ground by bad operators). My family that stayed in the United States thrived for the most part. Many of our family survived WWII, fighting on both sides. We started farms and businesses. People went into the trades. Some embraced law. We all got on with our lives.

South African brothers and sisters: If I may call upon you to realize one thing; it is that bad operators are increasingly taking what you have made and worked for. It is not by merit or justice. It is by greed. It is by jealousy.

I fear that it may a tougher fight than you think. You are not dealing with modern globalists but hell-bent leftists. The law does not constrain them. The law enables them. The law will look the other way when mobs wreak havoc. It is time to look at your options.

It is time to reach out to other people around the world that have shared your plight. Expat forums are a start. Correspondence is a mandatory thing. Ask for help. People believe in your plight. You need to start learning the immigration laws of your target move country.

If you decide that it is “time”, go for good. You are in for a struggle but you are the first word of a new chapter. Make sure you are “crazy” enough for the new world.

If it isn’t fighting time; what time is it?


How Leftists Ruin South Africa



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