We Are at the Precipice

An interesting “repeater” from friends/others at Call Me Stormy: Interesting input regarding Q-Anon, potential numbskullery, and my favorite advertisers; the Southern Poverty Law Center. Enjoy, digest, rock out

Call Me Stormy

The [Deep State] is losing the narrative. All they have left is impeachment, but the Senate was the key and they know that this is not going to work. The mainstream media is implicated in the overthrow and now there is a list of those who were involved. Guiliani hits back at [HRC] saying that we should keep an eye on Ukraine. Rep. Radcliffe says Sally Yates has explaining to do. Trump tweets out that it is time to Drain The Swamp. All blocks are removed. The investigation and evidence are in place. Everything is now moving into place to charge and use the storm to wreak havoc on those individuals that committed crimes. More from the X22 Report.

The Southern Poverty Law Center performs anther hit job on the Q-Anon movement, trying to portray those os us who follow Q as being antigovernment extremists. Destroying the Illusion covers that…

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