At the End of Delusions


I had brought up the irony in having Donald J Trump as our president to both Democrats and Republicans both.

Former John McCain voters are quick to look past the fact the following:

Citizen Trump was a registered Democrat or at least he was known to vote for Democrats.

He was more than known to hobnob with people he now speaks negatively about.

DJT Sr. is/was a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). You should take this as he is/was an actor. (Hell, he has been in movies and TV shows.) You are especially short sighted if you fail to remember that he is the “You’re Fired” guy from The Apprentice tv show.

The reason I bring up his acting from the past is that he is still acting now. (I can not argue like a snowflake but I must admit that he has gotten something accomplished in his time in office). My issue is that people fail to notice that he is in the greatest role of his life. Marlon Brando was well known for his role in the Godfather but DJT should be known for his role as “the President”.

I am not the only person who has highlighted the idea that Donald Trump is an actor. Victor Pride, from the Bold and Determined podcast, is the person who put this idea to ink. (

I think that Donald Trump is performing in his swan song performance. He has been a tycoon. He owned a football team. He has been in movies. He has been with models and beautiful women. He has done all sorts of things. And he even became president…something that John McCain or Mitten McRomney couldn’t do.

I am using this as an opportunity to tell you people that you should be at the end of delusions. Yes, I understand that he is doing the job but don’t be under a spell. He is doing it for him. It is his final role. Unless he is going into outer space next…


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2 Responses to At the End of Delusions

  1. Ame says:

    this is interesting.

    in the primaries i heard things like T was a trojan horse, so beware.

    after the primaries, when the choice was T or hilz, he became the white knight.

    it will be interesting how he plays out the rest of his presidential career and how history paints him.

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  2. Well said. Trump is definitely in it for Trump, though you can’t convince his sycophants of that. If his low self esteem doesn’t get in the way, we may weather this.


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