Meaningless words: Watered Down Genocide

You protest a slaughterhouse that processes food but you cheer when women slaughter our own species.

You protest “rape” as a endemic but ignore the fact that sexual assault affects both sexes.

When you scream words of non-sense, words lose meaning. People tend to become desensitized when browbeat with conflicting information.

Genocide stops being genocide. Up becomes down. There is never a gray, but white becomes black. Glue never fixes. Broken is whole.

Words are meaningless.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Recover:

In boot camp; you are told to mindlessly pump out pushups sometimes. You are told to “recover” when you are done. I am thankful for the idea of getting on with my life when faced with a pointless interruption. I found myself thinking about “recover”. It is time to recover and get on with what we were meant to be doing.

(2) Railcars:

I used to count railcars as a kid when the train passed by. I noticed that it was a forced time out from life. Now, I enjoy watching the railcars pass along. I had previously worked at a place that loaded and unloaded railcars. I respect what they do for our manufacturing operations. They bring all sorts of things to life.

(3) Wildlife:

I work in a relatively rural area. Some of my coworkers have run into the hazards connected with this, (snakes, bears, etc). But I have seen the interesting; deer. They show up at the most interesting of times. No matter if we are mad or being hurried along, the deer frolic and snack on tasty plants. They give no “f*cks” nor do they offer any. I am thankful that they break up the day.

I celebrate that its Monday. We shouldn’t regret the idea but thrive in the fact that we have new opportunities.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Spread blessings to all that you can.

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1 Response to Meaningless words: Watered Down Genocide

  1. Ame says:

    i took an intense, six-month, sexual abuse recovery group, years ago. our leader was a male counselor who had also been sexually abused. they say that there are probably more males sexually abused than females, but b/c of the stigma attached, they are silent. đŸ˜¦


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