Want to “Win”? Know when to take the “high road”!!

I wasn’t completely sure which person I was referencing but I had previously had heard that someone on USA’s ABC network had justified the idea of punching “Nazis”. This was due to the shifting of the Overton window. (and yes, if you don’t know what the Overton window is I encourage you to use duckduckgo.com to search for it. Learn something. Do some legwork).

I honestly think that these soft, liberal journalists have swayed that far from the war correspondents of the WWII and Vietnam War eras. Too soft and too quick to adopt the snowflake/victim identity. They wouldn’t win a war of physicality and literal struggle due to their woeful ignorance. I wanted to propose to them and you the following:

If you want to “win”; Know when to take the “high road”.

If your opposition says hyperbolic or idiotic statements, let them continue. Highlight their faults but do not give in to the urge to be ridiculous. Threatening violence seems soft handed(violence is often used when people or persons fail at intelligent discourse/policy). Its not humorous when you are trying to make a serious point.

I believe that the saying about “rolling around with pigs in the mud only benefitting pigs” is true. The high road is to your benefits sometimes.

I don’t like idiots and dealing with them is a stupid concept. Work on people on the margins if you had any intention on trying to impact someone.

(Also, no one believes threats. They believe an actual punch but the vast majority of those soft people aren’t the ones hitting the streets or doing anything).

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