The State of the Right, Part II: Dissident Right and Civic Nationalists

I am still trying to clear the cobwebs. Coffee hasn’t kicked in. I encourage you to enjoy TJC’s (Portly Politico) follow up piece on The State of the Right.

The Portly Politico

Last week I wrote a piece about “The State of the Right.”  It’s inspiration were two essays, one from edgelord Gavin McInnes, the other from fellow blogger photog of Orion’s Cold Fire.  photog has done real yeoman’s work on teasing out the strands of the Right today, and he’s followed up that effort with a prescient essay, “Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 1.”  It’s the first in an interesting series exploring the friction between two major factions of the Right, broadly-defined, too:  the increasingly race realist Dissident Right, and the more traditional “BoomerCon” civic nationalist Right.

The former group has been very active since the 2015-2016 Trump Ascendancy, reading various intentions and motivations into the Trump campaign’s tough stance on immigration and border control.  As photog points out, the Dissident Right is the group that had the guts to call out neocons…

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  1. Thank you for another generous reblog, Free Matt! Glad you’re enjoying my armchair philosophizing.

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