The Female Sports Revenue Issue

I know various people that get on to social commentators that bring up the fact that women’s sports don’t bring in the amount that men’s sports does.

Note: that I included NCAA, professional, Olympic, and FIFA”.

(One of the defenders of women’s sports tried to hit me with: “You haven’t gave it a chance to make money”. A few others threw around the tried and true patriarchy blame).

I wanted to show you a few quotes where the free market/freedom of association/facts over feels wins.

From Society Reviews (

“The women also made headlines suing their own United States governing body just three months before the Cup, alleging years of “institutionalized gender discrimination” because they aren’t paid as much as their male counterparts…Now of course, the 2014 Men’s World Cup generated $4.8B and distributed $576M in prizes vs. the 2015 Women’s World Cup generated $249M and distributed $15M in prizes meaning that the men not only drew more money but by ratio, the women actually DID get a bigger portion of the pie vs their male counterparts…probably why the odds of them winning this lawsuit aren’t very good.”

 from (

NCAA President Mark Emmert via the Utah States Statesman:

“Women’s basketball loses 14 million by itself,” Emmert said. “Once you get done splitting the money up, there isn’t much left. We can’t tell someone how much to pay a coach. We can’t tell them how to use the money they get.”


I will relay other articles when I hear more about them. As a libertarian; I hate when taxpayers prop up failing businesses. This applies to sports too. It might be inconvienent that it is something that people feel strongly about but it is worth noting when you start to feel that your taxpayer money might not be represnting your interests.

Time will tell.


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