Maybe It Isn’t the Time To Apologize???

Although I am loathed to mention anything good about Yahoo’s news ticker/website; I wanted to thank them for a story about the Fresno Grizzlies baseball team airing a Memorial Day video that “offended” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporters.

The article mentions that the video had “misleading editing” and “wasn’t patriotic but a not particularly subtle bit of propaganda, one completely at odds with the concept of “moral courage” that Reagan spoke of earlier in the speech”.

I read the article. I do believe that the team probably didn’t screen the video before airing it.

But, I don’t think that the team owes anyone an apology. We do have enemies that are foreign and domestic. And a few of them are members of the far/hard left.

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America often team up with Antifa/black bloc groups to stifle free speech. I do consider this anti-American.

I also have seen that members of the DSA would fundamentally change our country to something that would not resemble the market economy that we have known for centuries. Equitable distribution is a moving goal post that socialists dream of but don’t understand the ramifications of. Planned economies plan for failure. This is just small potatoes compared to their bigger platform.

If it takes someone to call out AoC, Bernie Sanders, R. Tlaib, and others as “Anti-American”; so be it.

It isn’t time to apologize; it maybe time to double down and give them facts on your position.


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