Staying on Your Side of the Fence

I wanted to relay to you a valuable lesson that I have learned. The more that you dabble in someone else’s affairs, the more you can get yourself into trouble. I have a great example of that here.

Canadian PM Trudeau plans to confront Pence on state abortion restrictions

(courtesy of FoxNews article by  Joseph A. Wulfsohn)


I am hesitant to point out that Justin Trudeau is a groveler to SJWs and the snowflake crowd. That wasn’t my point today. (The same is noted that I left out a gynecology joke and a Slapshot movie reference).  My point was that he is a Canadian sticking his nose in his neighbors affairs. As noted in the article; he was supposed to work on NAFTA.

“…but we’re going to mostly focus around the ratification process on NAFTA and making sure that we get good jobs for Canadians.”

I joking tell people that I understand the “hyper wokeness” that PM Trudeau operates his life in but it does a great disservice to people that are not under his thumb.

The United States has had a habit of jumping into the foreign affairs of many countries around the world where we have no legitimate business being. Even places where it would not serve our interests to stick our noses in.

The fact that our individual states have passed a myriad of bills regarding reproductive issues is a “thing” that the United Statesmen needs to deal with. Not the UN. Not the TPP. I would say that there are plenty of things that the US doesn’t need to stick our noses into that our Canadian neighbors have to deal with (First Nations issues, Quebecois’, and why they never could find a team to replace the Nordiques).

Take it from someone that learned the hard way; it pays to keep your mouth shut and to mind your own business.


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