Feminism’s (a) bitch…

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“Would a rose, by any other name, not smell as sweet? Would a chain, held by any other master, not be as heavy?”

When my daughter lived at home she got a dog, a female husky, who was pretty energetic, as I think most husky’s are. Being energetic required that the dog either be played with in the back yard or walked, which is what my daughter preferred. Unfortunately, however, the dog was not keen on wearing her harness, and would often struggle while it was being put on. After a while, however, my daughter discovered that it was much simpler to get the dog to comply with being leashed by offering her a treat, which the dog would enjoy while the harness and leash were being put on.

This, people, is a perfect example of feminism. Feminism, as a whole, is simply another leash of the “patriarchy” that feminists…

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