A Libertarian’s Football Bat

I originally started this website to be the libertarian that makes fun of libertarians. I think that many libertarians deserve to have a joke or three thrown at them.

One of my favorite libertarian “foot ball bats” is immigration.

My libertarian “peoples” waffle with the following:

(1) They wouldn’t come unless their was a need for labor/skills. No issue with open borders. Supply and demand would govern how many would show up.

(In a weird way; I didn’t have a huge disagreement with the idea but it is one of those “caveated” statements).

(2) When responding to many conservative and blue collar liberals concerns of stress on America’s safety net (or welfare system); many libertarian’s chime in with a response that brings to mind eliminating the government welfare system.

(Libertarians drop the ball on this one too. They largely ignore the cost of navigating the leviathan of government. They also ignore the optics involved with doing this. Feels are more marketable than the vast majority of ideas brought together by logic and reason).

I am always stunned when I hear arguments that combine a version of statements (1) and (2). I have labeled this a Sisyphean circle cycle of hell. It never ends.

Libertarians, if you want to actually allay peoples’ fears. Present a solution that conservatives and liberals can understand.

(That and make an effort to do something instead of kicking it downfield for four years)


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